Department of Biochemistry

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Courses Offered
  1. Bachelor of Science - Biochemistry(B.Sc) - 3 Years

  2. Master of Science - Biochemistry(M.Sc) - 2 Years

  3. Master of Philosophy(M.Phil)

  4. Ph.D-Biochemistry(Research center Recognized by BDU
Diploma Courses
  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Herbal Technology (PGDHT) - 1 Year

The Department has state of art laboratories:

  1. Cooling Centrifuge

  2. Electrophoretic Apparatus

  3. Flame Photometer

  4. Semi Auto Analyser

  5. UV-Transilluminator

  6. Muffle Furnace

  7. Micro Centrifuge

  8. Lyophilizer

  9. Animal house -Recognized by CPCSEA

The department works with a vision "To acquire,Disseminate And Impart Need Based Knowledge of Biological Process and Application through Quality Teaching and Research Support"


  1. Isolation,identification and quantification of biomolecules like protein,lipid,carbohydrates,vitamins and nucelic acids.
  2. Isolation of nucelic acids from various biological sources
  3. Chromatographic techniques
  4. Electrophoretic techniques
  5. Hematology
  6. Enzyme Assays

Association - Watson Club

The Watson Club of Biochemistry was inaugurated in the 1997. Dr. V. Raguraman, Biochemist, varley Laboratories, Trichy, inaugurated the functioning . The Club conducts quiz competitions for the students regularly Guest lectures are arranged wherein, eminent speakers in the respective fields are invited frequently.

An innovative programs Talk Fest is being organized regularly. The students prepare and present, a topic of current interest to their student friends. Interaction between the speaker and the audience bring about a clear idea on the topic. The club also organizes meetings that would fetch placements for the students.